9-Jan-20 | News

How to take microbreaks in the workplace!

Microbreak promotes positive, self-managed behaviour among employees, reducing the impact of injury and stress related absence through a series of tailored, desk-based microbreaks and exercises. This keeps your workforce healthy and more productive.

Benefits of Microbreak

  • Productive Workforce

Promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace is the key to improving company culture. A healthy, happy workforce is proven to be more productive, motivated and engaged, leading to organisational success.

  • Save Money

Employee retention increases efficiency and productivity, while eliminating the expensive task of rehiring and training new staff due to constant employee turnover. Microbreak also helps to mitigate against the risk costly litigation claims.

  • Reduce Absences

Taking a step back from stressful work environments with microbreaks and targeted exercises allows employees to replenish both physical and mental resources. This leads to less injury and absence, a more positive outlook and lower employee turnover.