30-Aug-19 | News

How to create an accessible PDF files using Adobe InDesign?

How to create an accessible PDF files using Adobe InDesign?Digital accessibility ensures that people with diverse needs, skills and abilities can equally perceive, navigate, interact and communicate with the content that is provided online or through digital tools. Therefore, it is important to consider accessibility if you are responsible for the design of a website or any kind of digital content. Here are some simple steps to make your PDF files accessible using Adobe InDesign:

In the Adobe InDesign file:

  • Map paragraph styles to export tags
  • Anchor images in text flow
  • Add Alt text to images
  • Add bookmarks and hyperlinks
  • Define content order in articles panel
  • Add required file metadata

 In the PDF file:

  • Assign language
  • Set PDF tab order to use document structure
  • Run Accessibility Check

Download the free guide on how to make accessible PDF using InDesign