9-Jun-22 | News

Google shows off AR glasses that might make a case for augmented reality

Following reports that Google has been developing AR glasses, the company wrapped up its I/O presentation with a ‘sneak peek’ at its latest AR glasses. The key feature of these new glasses was the ability to see languages translated right in front of your eyes. In one demo, Google product managers tells someone wearing the glasses, “You should be seeing what I’m saying, just transcribed for you in real time – kind of like subtitles for the world.”

One of the most interesting parts of its new glasses’ initiative is focus on practical utility. The ability to understand and be understood is actually useful. These glasses are trying to assist and improve quality of life.

Google’s CEO calls AR “a new frontier of computing” and says that it has the capability to expand how we use computers and access information into a magical realm where the technology simply disappears.

Overall, this is another major step for technology. Soon enough, reading, listening, and understanding a different language will be as easy as pie!

Watch the short video demo