13-Sep-23 | News

GlassOuse PRO- The wireless head-mouse that changes lives

GlassOuse PRO is an innovative assistive technology device designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with mobility challenges. This cutting-edge wearable gadget leverages the power of technology to enable users to control computers, smartphones, and other digital devices with ease and precision. Having been developed with customer participation, this new and improved gadget is designed to help every user to the greatest extent possible no matter their personalised needs.

Key features include:

  • Wearable Design: GlassOuse PRO is designed as a comfortable and lightweight head-mounted device. It fits snugly on the user’s head, allowing for hands-free operation
  • Precision Control: The device features a highly sensitive motion sensor and a bite click button. By simply moving their head and biting down on the button, users can navigate on-screen interfaces with precision and accuracy. This makes it suitable for tasks like typing, browsing, and playing games
  • Customisable Settings: Users can adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor and customise the device to their specific needs, ensuring a comfortable user experience
  • Accessibility: This assistive technology device is a valuable tool for individuals with conditions such as spinal cord injuries, ALS, cerebral palsy, and other mobility impairments. It empowers them to engage with digital technology independently, promoting communication, education, and entertainment
  • Mobility Aid: Beyond its use with digital devices, GlassOuse PRO can also be employed as a hands-free mouse for computers, providing greater independence to users in their daily tasks

The improvements:

  • Mouse: An upgraded 9-axis gyroscopic BT4.0 head mouse which track your head movement to pixel-perfect precision on your mobile phone, computer, tablet, or Smart TV. Experience multi-switch connectivity to click and scroll
  • Switch Control Accessory: A perfect companion to your device, in-built ‘Switch Control’, specially for people with very restricted mobility. Use movement (up, down, left, right) and multi assistive switches to perform multiple gestures to control your device
  • Joystick: Make your GlassOuse PRO a gaming controller and play games with adaptive switches and gyroscopic movement. Use GlassOuse APP to assign the gaming controller functions to our assistive switches

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