20-Oct-20 | Webinars

Get real-time tips and analysis on your posture while you work from home

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For either end consumer or companies looking to improve workforce well-being Brightday is an advanced, exciting new technology that measures and corrects posture while a person is sitting at their workstation, creating less discomfort and risk of repetitive strain.
Brightday use AI and augmented reality to measure and correct your sitting and standing posture to help a person look and feel better and increase confidence. No devices and no time out form your work routine.
Improve wellness in the workplace; Brightday‘s posture training helps you take better case of your employees.

Why is posture important?

  • Feel better & more confident. Replace pain and stress with energy and relaxation.
  • Look taller, slimmer, more relaxed and self-assured.
  • Stay focused longer. Enhance your creativity and productivity.
  • Experience more energy in both work and play, the natural way.

How it works?

  • Tips to sit comfortably- Get actionable quick tips in the app.
  • Real-time ergonomics guidance- AI & augmented reality using your webcam teaching you better posture habits
  • 100% secure and fun to use- Real time, non-invasive feedback, so you can focus on your work. No video is ever stored, or transmitted

Watch the Webinar here

For more information please email us at: microlinkteam@microlinkoc.com