6-Aug-19 | News

For the visually impaired, Apple has solutions!

an iPhone which shows accessibility shortcuts on the screenAre you aware of the accessibility options on your iPhone for people who are visually impaired?


  • VoiceOver tells you what’s happening on your screen.

VoiceOver describes exactly what’s happening on your iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch or Apple TV, so you can navigate your device just by listening. Apple’s built-in apps support VoiceOver, which will talk you through tasks you do with them.

  • Magnifier works like a digital magnifying glass.

It uses the camera on your iPad or iPhone to increase the size of anything you point it at, so you can see the details more clearly.

  • Upsize the text in apps.

When you activate Larger Dynamic Type on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, the text inside apps like Mail, Messages and Settings is converted to a larger, easier-to-read size.

  • Display Accommodations/ Easy on the eyes.

If you have colour blindness or other vision challenges, you can adjust the view on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV so it works better for you. Choose from a preset range of colour filters on your iPhone or iPad or fine-tune them. And turn on Invert Colours on all your devices to instantly change the values and create more contrast.

  • Get a closer look with Zoom.

Zoom is a powerful built-in screen magnifier that lets you enlarge a section of your screen to many times its normal size, so you can better see what’s on the display. It works on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and all apps from the App Store.

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