9-Jul-20 | News

Flexible working improves Productivity

A guy working from home on his laptop

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of UK employees feel that they would be more productive if they could spend time working flexibly, according to research by conference and video call provider PowWowNow carried out with Censuswide.

The survey found 59 per cent of workers admitted they arrived to work stressed due to their commute at least once a week prior to lockdown, with more than 6 in 10 (63%) having a commute of over 30 minutes.

These statistics indicate that if businesses allowed staff flexible working more frequently in the future- even in a post-coronavirus society they would see a boost in productivity as well as in worker wellbeing. Indeed, 40 per cent of decision-makers said the biggest benefit experienced during lockdown was being more productive due to the absence of their commutes.

With investments in technology, 72 per cent of decision makers also now believe their business can adequately support their staff when working remotely. Source of the article

Physical wellbeing in the home office

If you want people to do the work, you’ve got to give them the right equipment, the right tools. You should go to your employer and insist on getting the right equipment. Read the full article on From chaos to calm: getting to grips with remote working

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