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Every Child Included in Education | 2018 Conference

Every Child Included in Education

2018 Conference

17th October 2018 | Newbury Racecourse

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Dr Nasser Siabi OBE, CEO at Microlink pc will be speaking about Assistive Technology and how it can benefit students. It’s all about inclusion, education and social mobility as well as reducing children and young people being excluded in education and close the gap for SEND.

Interact-Streamer™ | captioning and translation system

Interact-Streamer™ is a Speech to Text web-based that runs on laptops, MacBooks, iPads, Chromebooks and more. With Streamer™ there are no apps to install or software modules to download.

Typically the student/child has a tablet on their desk that is connected to the Streamer webpage and to a wireless microphone that the teacher is wearing. The student/child views the captioning, saves the transcript, and then carries the tablet to the next class. Alternatively, you can equip each classroom in your school with a captioning system. Streamer™ can be directly integrated into any existing classroom audio system. When students come into the room, they simply go to the Streamer webpage and click on the name of the room they just entered. This way a single subscription of Interact-Streamer™ can be used to support an entire classroom of students.


For further information, prices or to request a demo please contact Microlink.