3-Feb-22 | News

ErgoDriver by Ergochair

Driver’s seats can often be uncomfortable, as they aren’t adjusted to meet your specific needs. Ergochair has solved this problem, by providing the first back support that can be tailor-fitted for individual support- the ErgoDriver. Designed in collaboration with RAC, the ErgoDriver keeps drivers comfortable while on the road, and makes driving pain free. Features of the ErgoDriver include:

  • Moveable and adjustable air cells– Each air cell has its own separate. inflator bulb, allowing for them to be positioned exactly where support is needed.
  • Memory Foam– Provides optimum support and comfort.
  • Secure– The 3-way harness system fits securely on to almost any vehicle.
  • Portable– Drivers can carry the ErgoDriver with them, wherever they go, in any vehicle they’re driving.
  • Breathable– High performance, breathable Spacetec 3D fabric with freshFX technology for long lasting freshness.
  • Custom Fit– Prevents poor posture from being adopted while driving

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