20-Sep-19 | News

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Are You All In?

group of diverse peopleWhy do diverse and inclusive teams perform better?

  • Diversity is necessary for survival. Nature has taught us for time immemorial that monocultures are at risk. Increasing diversity is necessary to create more enduring and resilient cultures. In a diverse environment, the whole becomes stronger than the sum of its parts.
  • Diversity, when paired with inclusion, helps teams thrive. Teams that are diverse and inclusive benefit not only from multiple perspectives, but from an enhanced ability by all team members to think diligently and creatively. When we’re exposed to different viewpoints, engaged and inspired to achieve shared goals, we become better versions of ourselves. 

Guided by these lessons and the principles of transparency and accountability, we are committed to increasing equity and diversity within our workforce and industry. We also recognize that diversity won’t enrich us unless everyone is invited to participate and valued when they do. That’s why we continue to focus on inclusion as a mainstay of our strategy.

Whatever our position, we all have an opportunity to build bridges that bring people together – people of different backgrounds, identities and perspectives. When everyone is encouraged to bring their whole selves to work, they bring their best selves to work — and everyone wins. As a result, we become more innovative and competitive and position our company for even greater success in the marketplace.

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