6-Feb-19 | News

Electronic glasses that enable people with severe low vision to regain their visual independence.

Acesight is an FDA Approved Class 1 Medical Device, that greatly increases the visual field size in patients with less than 20-degree field of residual central view. It also delivers significant improvement in near visual ability for people with low vision. Even with severe eye conditions, a user is empowered with more possibility when they wear Acesight.

How can Acesight benefit your life?

  • Better reading experience

The floating reading mode in Acesigt captures a photo of pages of text or signs on the wall. The image is then displayed in crisp, clear magnified form right in front of you. The image is amazing even in high contrast modes.

  • Wear with comfort

Ergonomically designed, this cutting edge wearable device is comfortable to wear and easy to use. With weight evenly distributed on the head and forehead, you won’t feel fatigued during prolonged use.

  • Enjoy favourite TV shows

With the amazing image quality and a super fast 60 Hz refresh rate, Acesight is a delight to use. you can relax in your comfy chair and continue the enjoyment of watching TV. Works great with computers too. 

  • At home

Prepare meals, watch TV, view photos

  • In the workplace

Read mail, sign the contract, join meetings

  • At school

Look at the board, use computer, play  music

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