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Disability Inclusion Maturity Model

Be #PeopleSmart’s Disability Inclusion Maturity Model© provides organisations, of any size or sector, a tool to:

  • Assess their current position with regards being disability inclusive and accessible, for their staff and customers.
  • To identify their target maturity levels; and
  • To determine the actions needed to get there.

This model was created, with the support of a global disability inclusion and accessibility professional review panel. Our vision is to provide the most robust model possible. We want to enable organisations who genuinely care about their staff and customers, and who want to future proof the success of their business, to succeed.

It’s important to note that this maturity model is based on an organisation striving to be fully inclusive for all. To reach your goals it is likely you will go above and beyond legislative requirements in some locations, but we see that as a good thing. To us, it’s about human centricity, not ticking boxes.

Set of 5 steps numbered 1-5. Each step as a face, 1-5 go sad, neutral, smiling, grinning, grinning with stars for eyes. There is a Be #PeopleSmart flag at the top and the words Disability Inclusion maturity model.

Getting Started

Walk before you run (metaphorically). Don’t feel like you should be a maximum score of 5 in all areas, in fact you may never reach 5 in some and that’s ok.

Although this model can be a great benchmarking tool, don’t worry too much about how well your peers are doing, certainly not to start with anyway. Concentrate on improving, and with genuine intent, you’ll either catch up with your peers or surpass them. We always advise that the priority should be inclusion and equity, rather than competition.

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