2-May-24 | News

Deryn Cole; Workplace Emotion and Mental Health Coach

The work is primarily based on an extension of Carl Jung’s Shadow work. I also incorporate the Humanistic approach, Transactional Analysis (TA), and psychodynamic therapy.

The premise of the work is the uncovering of the limiting unconscious beliefs and emotions trapped within the Shadow/Ego, and transmuting them using the conscious mind as the observer. We have two identities running alongside each other within the psyche. One (Shadow/Ego) created before the age of seven and the other our conscious authentic self that we were born with plus the wisdom we have accrued in this life. Most people consider that they have only the one mind and are not aware that there is an alternative and higher mind within that can process life from a higher and happier perspective.

I believe that the majority of the population are in the dark as to how to acknowledge their feelings as there is little or no education around this area. Our feelings are our inner guide to the unconscious repressed thoughts/beliefs. Feelings also highlight which mindset we are operating from, bad feelings the Shadow self, good feelings the authentic self. Guiding clients in how to identify their feelings helps them uncover those repressed beliefs and emotions. Thoughts and feelings run in parallel. We cannot possess a thought without instantly having a feeling reflect its perspective on the thought. Feelings are the communication of the authentic self, intrusive thoughts the communication of the Shadow.

It is my understanding that we are born whole, within our authentic self, but given that our care givers have a Shadow self, lack of mirroring to the infant by before mentioned, disruptions, trauma and lack of critical thinking in during our infancy, results in much of our authentic self being whittled away into the Shadow self.

My work is based on identifying the disowned self within the Shadow and restoring the clients back to their authentic self via acknowledging their unconscious emotions.
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