16-Sep-22 | News

Contactless touch with Button

With Button you can use your mobile phone to press a button. It can be used to open doors and operate pedestrian crossings safely and confidently.

This free app is available on iOS or Android and allows you to focus on your surroundings without having to stretch or search for the button.

Key Features:

  • Reduce anxiety

With the automatic button push, you don’t have to worry about locating the manual button or getting near to it.

  • Automatic push enabled

Users can use our auto push facility enables them to activate a button push while leaving their devices in their pocket.

  • More time to cross

Users will start to cross from the edge of the pavement being perfectly aligned for a safe crossing. This will give them effectively more time to cross.

  • Data-driven decisions

The system collects usage data with every interaction which can be used for the provision of more efficient traffic management and infrastructure planning.


A smart piece of small hardware can be installed into a wide range of equipment enabling them to connect with the apps.

The unit is fully self contained and can be embedded into new infrastructure at time of install, or it can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

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