31-May-23 | News

Congratulations to Wokingham Area Partnership

Congratulations to Wokingham Area Partnership for attaining Youth Justice SEND Quality Mark Status

Through the quality assurance process, Wokingham Area Partnership has demonstrated many strengths.

Colocated specialists (Speech and Language Therapy, CAMHS, Ed Psych) play an important role in upskilling frontline staff, identifying complex needs, and supporting children and young people with identified (and previously unidentified) needs.

The prevention offer is a real strength, with the service working in partnership with other statutory and non-statutory providers through the Early Prevention Hub and (with schools) through participation in an Exclusion Prevention Programme. This is resulting in a decline in first-time offending rates.

Another strength is the Elevate Team, working hard with the YOS to target NEET and pre-NEET young people so that there are successful transitions into Education, Employment and Training.

Wokingham Area Partnership is now focussing on improving relationships and joint working with the Local Authority SEND Team. The signs are extremely promising. Wokingham is clearly on a secure pathway to Quality Lead status, meeting or exceeding the standards in eight out of 11 of the criteria! It will not be long before we celebrate the impact of changes that are already underway.

We wish them every success on their improvement journey.

Well done Wokingham!