5-Dec-22 | News

Congratulations to North Somerset

Congratulations to North Somerset Youth Offending and Prevention Service Partnership for attaining Youth Justice SEND Quality Lead Status. 

North Somerset YOS and SEND partners have used the Quality Assurance Framework to assiduously review process and performance, identifying areas of strength as well as areas to develop, then learn from the national community of practice to develop relationships and team know-how. As a result, North Somerset, over a period of two years of engagement, has moved smoothly through Quality Mark to Quality Lead standards.

Joint working between the YOS and the North Somerset SEND Team has been greatly enhanced through a manager – appointed to manage the Substance Advice Service and the Education and Engagement project – bringing added value through her knowledge and experience of having been a  manager in the SEND Team. Regular meetings have been established between YOS Managers and the SEND Transitions Advisor, the Post-16 Team and sitting on the school inclusion panel with secure EHCP information exchange with schools and colleges, and secure relationships with social care professionals.

The recruitment of a co-located Speech and Language Therapist within the YOS team is a significant development, enhancing not only the provision to young people, a great many of whom have significant Speech Language and Communication Needs, but also the professional development and expertise of front-line staff as well. As in many area partnerships across the country, co-located SaLT provision has significant and sustained impact on positive outcomes for children in (or at risk of entering) youth justice pathways.

Proactive diversionary work is effective, strategic intent signaled clearly in the name: The North Somerset Youth Offending and Prevention Service, and ambition and intent is contained within the Youth Justice 2021-24 Partnership Plan. The YISP (The Youth Inclusive and Support Project) works with young people in crisis; this complements the work of the Education Engagement Project, working further downstream to support young people at risk of school exclusion, the Substance Advice Service working with young people wanting to address their substance use and Junction 21 the mentoring and advocacy service for children and young people.

Congratulations North Somerset!