25-Jul-23 | News

Congratulations to Islington Area Partnership

Congratulations to Islington Area Partnership for attaining Youth Justice SEND Quality Lead Status  with a Child First Commendation

Islington Area Partnership was one of the very first to join the Youth Justice SEND Quality Assurance Framework in 2016. They studied the Needs Assessment framework, quickly identifying areas of development and actioning change to improve relationships and practice. As a result, in 2018, they achieved Quality Mark, but with a profile that suggested Quality Lead status was without doubt the next destination.

This is confirmed. Islington Area Partnership has been on a journey of significant and sustained continuous improvement, leading to the higher award of Quality Lead status with a Child First Commendation. The quality of the submission and the evidence presented in support of redesignation was outstanding:

  • The inter-relationships between multi-disciplinary Service Panels (such as the Education Panel and Clinical Specialist Panel, to name but two) are evidence-based and robust, leading to holistic consideration of emerging cases and their complex needs
  • Front-line staff benefit from a range of reflective and clinical supervision sessions with specialists such as assigned Clinical, Forensic and Educational Psychologists, constantly sharing experiences and developing knowledge and practice with a child first approach that considers complex and additional needs
  • Co-located professionals such as a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist and Nurse to provide critical and immediate support to emerging and existing cases
  • Proactive and preventative information exchange is strong, leading to early identification and early help, including targeted support and strong advocacy to reduce the possibility of permanent exclusion
  • Locally developed trauma-informed Court Reports (which include a communication passport); these have been acknowledged and featured in YJB new case management guidance
  • Negotiated collaborative payment plans to support pathways and sustainability of ETE pathways for children leaving custody and in the community
  • Developing and supporting a network of Youth Peer Advocates to contribute and shape service evolution


Well done Islington! It has been a pleasure working with you. Others can learn much from your outstanding practice.