29-Nov-22 | News

Congratulations to Camden Area Partnership

Congratulations to Camden Area Partnership for attaining Youth Justice SEND Quality Lead Status with a Child First Commendation

Camden has attained a Youth Justice SEND Quality Lead Award with Child First Commendation at the first attempt. The evidence that has been gathered is comprehensive and fully supportive of the award, framing a Child First Commendation that cannot be pinned on any one measure or initiative: but rather, emerging from strategic intent, investment in provision and the intelligent design of joined-up provision and service teams.

The process has validated and rewarded a long-standing strategic commitment to the most vulnerable children and young people in the Borough, as evidenced by systems and processes, policy and practice and an extensive network of co-located professionals, organised under the umbrella of Integrated Youth Services, of which the Youth Offending Service is a key partner.

In terms of Child First Partnership Practice, the effectiveness of the Early Help Team is particularly of note, supporting the early identification of children at risk of entering a youth justice pathway, and ensuring timely and appropriate interventions are put in place to address emerging and assessed needs. This is a family-centred, holistic multi-agency response, and is highly effective, as evidenced by a continual falling trend in terms of first-time offending rates in the Borough, despite the challenges of intense urban deprivation and the impact of the pandemic.

This commitment extends up to beyond Service “cliff edges”, with co-located Connexions workers, Health Panels, a Neurodiversity Working Group and Vulnerable Adolescents Strategy Group working to create a wrap-around 18-25 provision before transition to adult services.

ETE opportunities have been secured through diligent partnership-building with a range of 16+ providers, including third sector, colleges and local employers, some offering paid work: desistance activity is effective, continually driving down reoffending rates compared to statistical neighbours.

Congratulations Camden! It has been a pleasure working with you.