6-Aug-21 | News

Claro Writing Helper helps you organise your written assignments

Claro Writing Helper helps you organise your written reports in chucks to help you focus on one process at a time. It will guide you through a linear, structured approach starting with questions and a deadline and ending with your reports in Word format.

 Claro Writing Helper Features

  • Review the question, understand the ‘instructional verb’ in your question, and brainstorm.
  • Structure the assignment into sections and add some writing tasks or reminders of things to do.
  • Open files or websites and highlight important sections, and search for keywords.
  • Slot these highlights and keywords right into your project.
  • Reword each highlight or snippet, or mark them as direct quotes.
  • Manage all your citations to make complete and accurate bibliographies.
  • See what your document will look like as a Word document and fix any issues within Claro Writing Helper.
  • See a healthcheck on the whole project, with links directly to where you can go to fix issues.
  • Publish to Word, with complete navigation and a full bibliography.

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