27-Sep-19 | News

Blind engineer builds a SMART cane that has Google Maps, Bluetooth, and a sensory device

The WeWALK smart cane was born from a visually impaired engineer named Kursat Ceylan. As someone who faces the daily challenges of being blind, Kursat Ceylan knew the limitations of the current technology that people like him have to make do of. Knowing this, he created the WeWALK in hopes of changing the lives of the blind.

This innovative cane includes a built-in speakers, voice assistance, Google Maps, a Bluetooth system that makes syncing to other devices possible, and high-end sensors that alerts the user through vibrations when above chest level obstacles are within proximity—something a regular cane cannot provide. One of Kursat Ceylan’s goal in making the WeWALK is to make the social participation of people like him full, and easier. To him, the WeWALK was made to “support the visually impaired in their full participation into social life.” This device is not completely new, but the fact that he was able to utlize and incorporate existing technologies such as voice assistance, Google Maps, and Bluetooth synchronization, makes it a completely new idea.