19-May-20 | News

Become better readers! Including those with Dyslexia, ADD and other learning challenges

What is SuperReading?

The only course funded by the Disabled Student Allowance for all FT dyslexic university students in the UK

SuperReading is a comprehensive online course which provides tools and techniques for increasing reading speed while retaining accurate recall and comprehension. Since 1995, we’ve successfully helped thousands of students, professionals and academics become better readers, including those with Dyslexia, ADD and other learning challenges. 

SuperReading is a combination of tools and strategies that allow people to progressively improve their reading focus, comprehension, recall and speed.

We ask our children to learn more and more each year. Some students make learning look easy while others struggle and get dragged down by the process. SuperReading Eye-Hop allow about 98% of students to excel beyond anything you’ve experienced. This simple combination of tools, strategies and exercises allows all students to become far better learners than they ever could by any other means. Dyslexic graduates using SuperReading outperform their non-dyslexic classmates.

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