14-Aug-18 | News

Barcode recognition feature to assist blind and visually impaired

OrCam users across the UK are now able to use their device to instantly identify tens of thousands of a wide range of consumer products.

OrCam Technologies has rolled out barcode recognition on its next generation wearable artificial vision system.Shopping can be a particularly challenging and stressful activity for blind and visually impaired people, particularly when the text on product labels is small or hard to identify.

The artificial intelligence software to analyse and communicate visual information through audio.
The new barcode recognition feature has been automatically rolled out to all existing OrCam MyEye 2.0 users through a software update.



Some of the users of OrCam say:

  • “My confidence in being able to live my life with a greater degree of independence has risen dramatically since I started using OrCam MyEye”. “It’s only been a few months since I got my OrCam MyEye 2.0 and I’ve already read 12 novels cover to cover – it has opened up a new world for me.
  • Michael Atkin thought he would never be able to read again after he was diagnosed with progressive eye disease. But since using OrCam MyEye 2.0, a wearable device designed for the blind or visually impaired, Michael is reading prolifically again.
  • June Wheeler says: “OrCam assists me with my shopping. Now I am able to buy the correct items in the supermarket. Furthermore, I do not get confused between products as I use my OrCam MyEye to read the labels and make sure I am selecting what I intend to buy.”
  • Kathleen Jackson, from Lochee says: “It’s important for a lot of people to retain some of their independence, especially as they get older”.

Of course such advanced gadgets comes with appropriately hefty price tags to boot. The MyReader which recognises text, is £2,700, while MyEye, which boasts the extra recognition feature is £3,500.

Kathleen added: “It is a lot of money- but you can’t put a price on your sight”