10-Apr-19 | News

Assistive microphone for students

There are two major issues students and teachers face when using speech recognition in the classroom. Privacy and accuracy.
How can a student use their voice in a classroom setting without being overheard by fellow students and at the same time eliminate all the chitter chatter and background noise that goes with it to attain optimal speech recognition accuracy rates?

Stenomask is a microphone that enables students to use speech recognition and verbally communicate in school, home and public privately and accurately. Talk Technologies is seeing a dramatic increase in educators embracing this technology in the classroom. Students with physical impairments and learning disorders can now freely and confidently complete their work alongside classmates, giving them a leg up as speech recognition can really help improve productivity and engagement.

 Students using Stenomask are likely to be successful when:

● They have a physical or learning disability
● RSI makes typing difficult
● Dyslexia makes spelling difficult
● Handwriting or using a keyboard is difficult or not an option due to low vision or physical impairment

Steno SR is the only speech recognition microphone that provides complete voice privacy and noise cancellation. By isolating the users voice it enables them to privately transcribe and talk while simultaneously eliminating all background noise, thus ensuring a crystal clear voice signal. This assistive technology can be used with any speech recognition software including Dragon 15 and is compatible with all modern devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets and recorders.

What Students say about the TalkSystems Stenomask?

  •  The TalkSystem is great because I understand what the teacher is saying, I know what I need to do, and I now have good grades. (R., Grade 7)
  • TalkSystems is great. I think everybody can use it so they can learn more in the classroom. (E., Grade 8)
  • I was excited about using TalkSystem. I understood everything in the classroom. I got better grades, and I was able to solve (Math) problems without trouble. (A., Grade 7)
  • I learned that the underground railroad during the civil war had nothing to do with a train, but it was the hidden path to freedom. (S., Grade 8)

 Video link to a Steno SR demonstration

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