12-May-22 | News

All about Microsoft’s new range of accessible accessories

microsoft accessibility tools

Microsoft has announced a new range of accessibility focused accessories intended to provide a “highly adaptable, easy-to-use” ecosystem for those that have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard. Coming soon, in Autumn 2022, this new ecosystem of adaptive accessories allows you to configure, 3D print, and customise your own mouse, keyboard inputs, and shortcuts – empowering you to create your ideal setup, increase productivity, and use your favourite apps more effectively.

Designed in partnership with the Disability community, the new adaptive accessories consist of three main components: an Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and an Adaptive Hub. For instance, the innovative wireless button has eight digital programmable inputs. It also gives you the choice between a d-pas, joystick, or dual button, to ensure every user’s needs are met. Furthermore, you can Attach a Microsoft Adaptive Mouse Tail for a traditional mouse experience. The thumb support accessory goes where you want, switching sides for left or right handedness.

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