28-Jan-19 | News

A message to the world’s 500 most powerful business leaders

All the speakers from the video- A message to the world's 500 most powerful business leaders




Watch this very powerful video on how the ‘inclusion’ of ALL diverse people is necessary from now on. The emotional element of ‘how would I feel if that was me’ plays on my mind and as with all good content, if you ‘feel’ it you are more likely to ‘change’ it. Disability is the largest of the diversity sectors and the one most overlooked, however I truly believe that this is finally and forever about to change. With Caroline Casey putting Disability on the agenda at The World Economic Forum in Davos, Kate Nash’s brilliant networkolgy with Purple Space, Graeme Whippy’s on-site and in-charge; navigating disability in the workplace, Susan Scott-Parker driving the disability agenda globally and Microlink’s CEO Dr Nasser Siabi’s relentless pursuit to provide a level-playing field for all people with disabilities the stars are aligning and I couldn’t be more excited about the future.

Anna Moody. Marketing Manager, Microlink pc UK Ltd