27-Nov-19 | News

A life-saver for those with reading difficulties such as dyslexia

A girl using the ExamReader

The portable and lightweight scanner empowers readers with limited reading skills to overcome their difficulties such as dyslexia.

The ExamReader™ is a stand-alone digital pen that works in multiple languages. The device has three main properties: text reading using a high quality natural speaking voice, the ability to listen via headphones for discreet use and capturing text remotely to a file or directly to a cursor point on any computer. Simply select your application, scan and enjoy the benefits! Use C-Pen Exam Reader to read printed text for you! C-Pen Exam Reader features a high quality naturally speaking British English, American English, Spanish, French, German or Italian voice.

  • Doesn’t store data and there are no data security concerns
  • The portable, lightweight pen makes it easy to use on the go
  • Creates equality and inclusion in the workplace

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