Penagain Ergo-Sof


The PenAgain’s patented wishbone shaped design has been called the biggest innovation in the writing instrument industry since the ballpoint pen replaced the quill. It’s inventor, Colin Roche, came up with the idea while fiddling around with a novelty pen in high-school detention.

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Product Description

Unlike conventional pens that rely on the strength of your grip, the PenAgain’s ergonomic index finger cradle takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand to generate the pressure needed to apply ink to paper.

The PenAgain’s “Y” formation allows your hand to relax and guide it, rather than forcefully grip it, which reduces hand fatigue, making the PenAgain ideal for those suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injuries, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, etc…

People have been using stick shaped writing instruments since the dawn of time. Occasionally the design of such an everyday item is re-evaluated and questioned. In this case, the result is a design that forces us to rethink how we write and what we write with.

Product Specs

Weight 0.998 kg
Dimensions 2.5 cm

1 Year