Back Support Cushion


Market-leading back support for comfortable lumbar positioning and alignment of the body

£32.95 Ex VAT

Product Description

Achieving good posture takes practice. When sitting – especially for long periods, it’s important that your lower back has adequate support to reduce the risk of strain and back pain. This Back Support is a robust and ergonomically shaped back support designed to give good lateral and lumbar support to your back to ease backache and reduce the risk of back pain while sitting for long periods.

This Back Support is particularly suited to soft seating areas, which are renowned for their lack of support. Prop it up behind you when you’re sitting on the sofa to help you achieve a comfortable posture even when you’re relaxing.

The soft, plush velour cover can be removed and washed for easy upkeep.

Product Specs

Dimensions 37.4 × 21.4 × 16.6 cm

1 Year