Microlink Training

Giving someone the software and hardware to assist them is only ever half the story. Without proper training this provision can sometimes be wasted if the user is not able to get the most out of it. Having an experienced trainer will guide you to getting 100% from these tools.

What we offer

What does it cover?

The training that we provide covers the various items of specialist software and hardware that have been provided to you. This can range from Text-To-Speech Software, Voice Recognition Software, Mind Mapping Software to Spelling and Vocabulary Software and many others.We also cover hardware items such as scanners and Dictaphones.

However, it doesn't stop there we can also cover the Microsoft Office Suite, Internet usage, and general day-to-day computer usage in a way that will make you more productive. Finding Bibliographies or Referencing difficult? We can show you the easy way! Always losing those important documents? We can help you tidy up and get organised!

Focus on needs and Course demands

Everybody learns differently! This being the case the trainer will take time with you at the beginning of the session to find out if there are particular ways that you like to learn.

Our trainers aim not just to get you using the software and hardware that you have, but also to help you integrate these into the demands of your course study. The trainer will get you using these new tools within the context of of the actual tasks you need to complete.

We use Study Skills and Workplace Strategies to make the technology fit with your everyday demands.

I'm an IT Expert!

Even if you are already very skilled at using your computer, our trainer can really help accelerate your knowledge of the specialist software you have been given. Not only that but provide lots of really useful hints and tips to get you using your computer and software the most effective way within your studies or job.

No matter what level of skill we will tailor the training to each individuals level of ability with the computer.


At the start of the training session your trainer will create a lesson plan with you that will cover the number of training sessions that you have been allocated. Not only that but the training record that the trainer keeps will also show the progress of the sessions and also give you an opportunity to say how effective each session has been. A copy of this training record will be emailed to you at the end of each session.

Session Length

Your training session will generally be allocated in 2 or 3 hour blocks, if you feel that these lengths of session do not suit you then please mention this to the trainer all the booking staff when your initial booking is made. Do however remember that these blocks of training also include time for short breaks within each hour.

Recording of Session

Having a record of your training session can be very useful to refer back to later on. Some people like handwritten notes but for those that would prefer alternatives we can offer the following:


If you have been provided with a dictaphone or, you already have one, our trainer will be more than happy for you to record the training session for later reference. If you think that this would be useful mention this to the trainer on your first session so that they can make sure use of the Dictaphone is the first item you cover!

Screen Capture

As an alternative to just having an audio record of your sessions how about a full screen capture?

The trainer can set up some simple software that will allow you to record the screen and audio at various points within your training session. This way you will have a visual record of the topics you have covered.


Having a simple guide to refer back to after your training session has been completed can be a useful addition to help you learn. Your trainer will provide a number of these guides in electronic format for you to print out.

The trainer can set up some simple software that will allow you to record the screen and audio at various points within your training session. This way you will have a visual record of the topics you have covered.

Technical Issues

Computers sometimes seem to have a mind of their own!

Sometimes technical issues occur and your trainer will do everything to resolve these issues to make sure that you are fully up and running. If this does occur please remember that you will not lose training time but any technical time will be credited back to you for later use.

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Our Trainers


All our trainers are very experienced in the specialist software and hardware that you have been provided with. Not only that but many of them have teaching and training qualifications. We also have one of the most comprehensive and rigorous induction training courses that all our new trainers attend that gives them a depth of knowledge and experience that is second to none.


Your trainer was specially selected to be both knowledgeable, friendly and patient. All the trainers have had training themselves to understand the the challenges and difficulties experienced by people with disabilities and learning differences which enables them to adapt the training session to a way that will most benefit.


Not only to our trainers go through our in-depth in-house training course to understand the software and hardware that we support, they also have manufacturer accredited qualifications to ensure competence and the broadest knowledge

ClaroRead TrainerCertified Dragon Trainer MindView Certified Trainer Texthelp Certified Trainer

CRB Checked

CRB Checked To ensure your safety every one of our trainers is vetted, screened and subject to a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check

ID Card

Every single trainer carries an official identity card. When they first visit you please feel free to ask to see this card before letting them in. If they cannot produce this identity card on request then please do not let them in and call us immediately.

ID Card

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Additional Training

Knowing how much training each individual will need can sometimes be difficult, everybody learns at a different speed. Once you have completed all of your allocated sessions if you still feel that you could benefit from more than you will have to get back in touch with your assessor. They may be able to ask some additional sessions. To help with this your trainer may be asked to produce the record of what you have covered so far and what still needs to be covered.

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After Training Support

Trainer Contact & Tech Support

Your trainer will be happy to give you their contact details so that you may contact them with any questions or queries you have regarding the training you received.

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Cancellation Policy

How Much Notice Should I Give?

All our lives are very busy and often things change! If you need to change the appointment for your training session please do let us know as soon as possible. We ask you to please give us 48 hours notice and we would be happy to rearrange your appointment.

Ending Session Early

If during the course of the session you decide that you would like to end the session early your trainer will ask you to fill in an Early Finishing Form.

Rearranging Sessions

Something cropped up? Forgot about that extra appointment added to your schedule? No problem, just give us a call an let us know in time and we can re-arrange your training for another time. (Subject to cancellation policy)

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Survey System

Once you have completed all of your training sessions we will email you with a web link to our survey system. This survey consists of 16 multiple-choice questions which should take less than five minutes to fill in. We would really appreciate it if you could find the time to complete the survey. Feedback, good or bad, is very precious to us and helps to ensure that we are giving the best possible service.


Complaints Procedure

If, for any reason you are not entirely happy with the training that you receive please do not hesitate to contact us on (023) 8024 0240 or email carl.ward@microlinkcilnet.com. We take all comments in strictest confidence and will be dealt with immediately.

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What our customers say

Here is a small selection of the great feedback we get from people we have trained:

'My trainer was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable throughout the sessions. The software really helps me in my new job now.'
'Adrian was very patient and understanding of my various problems. He explained things clearly and I knew he was there if I needed any advice or help.'
'Emmanuel took the time to understand my routine and the background of my needs so that I could use the assistive technology to fit around the way in which I work.'
'Alan was excellent! He was punctual and very well mannered! I give the highest of praises to him for his patience and concern for me and my equipment.'
'I really liked my trainer, he was really good and patient with me. I did not feel scared to ask him any questions and he was very good at his job and professional!'
'Jon was incredibly patient and understanding, he made sure I understood everything before moving on to other topics. I really could not fault him.'
'Mike made the training appropriate to my needs and worked at my pace. He was pleasant and I would recommend him to anyone.'
'My trainer was kind and very empathic. He understood my difficulties and never made me feel stupid when I didn't understand, just explained it a different way.'
'Barbara was extremely friendly and patient when training me with the different programs I couldn't have asked for anyone better.'
'Mark was excellent and has offered support even after the training. I have called him on a couple of occasions with questions, which he has answered promptly. Great job!'
'Excellent training session delivered and adapted to suit me - spot on - thank you.'
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