VGA Extension Cable


3M Superior VGA Monitor Connector Cable Male to Male Fully Wired

VGA Monitor connector cables provide a high-performance connection between your VGA enabled PC to a monitor or TV featuring a VGA socket.

£6.25 Ex VAT

Product Description


  • VGA (Video Graphics Array) is an analogue technology that carries a high definition video signal (it does not carry audio)
  • Supports WXGA+ (Wide Extended Graphics Array Plus) 1440 pixels (horizontal) x 900 pixels (vertical) of resolution
  • A higher-grade cable due to the coaxial cores that help eliminate ghosting and fuzzy images
  • Easy grip screws provide greater connectivity for a smooth and secure signal transfer enhancing your overall experience
  • Double shielded (braid/foil & drain) ensures an error free connection and prevents electro-magnetic interference (EMI)
  • A signal that is subject to (EMI) can result in displaying inaccurate pixels
  • Fully wired means all pin are connected ensuring better picture clarity particularly on higher resolutions
  • A flexible moulded collar at the end of the connector protects the internal wires from any undue stresses or strains

Product Specs






1 Year