Supernova Upgrade V18 to V19


Magnifier, screen reader and braille for Windows that grows with you and your sight, for life

Whether shopping online with the latest web browsers, creating spreadsheets and slideshows in Microsoft Office, or reading your letters and other hard copy documents, with SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader you can find your perfect blend of magnification, screen reading and braille to get the job done.

If your sight deteriorates, or your task requires greater detail, with SuperNova you can: boost magnification, announce punctuation, replace difficult colours, increase verbosity, hear webpages, turn on braille. Choose the Magnifier & Screen Reader edition and be assured that SuperNova can grow with you and your sight, for life.

£175.00 Ex VAT

Product Description

SuperNova Magnifier & Screen Reader is a smart choice for the long term. Easy to use and better value than other screen magnifiers, SuperNova can grow with you.

If your eyesight deteriorates you can be reassured you won’t need to buy or learn something new.


  • Crystal clear magnification
  • Bold fonts & image sharpening
  • High contrast colours, large mouse pointers & visual highlights
  • Touch screen magnification
  • Scans & Reads documents aloud (OCR included)
  • Speaks emails, webpages, documents and more
  • Full screen reader announces spelling errors, punctuation and more
  • Braille Display support
  • Remote access for Citrix & Remote Desktop Services