Super Reading Program

SuperReading is a comprehensive online course which provides tools and techniques for increasing reading speed while retaining accurate recall and comprehension.

Since 1995, we’ve successfully helped thousands of students, professionals and academics become better readers, including those with Dyslexia, ADD and other learning challenges.

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Product Description

Unlike traditional speed reading courses, we prioritise accurate comprehension and recall.

We instead focus on the techniques, strategies and knowledge which facilitate higher speeds and improved reading ability.

Our combination of Reading, Memory, Attitude and Study Skills has proven an effective formula. Not only concerned with speed, but also with focus, concentration, recall and the understanding and clarity of written text.

The SuperStudy E-learning Program includes everything anyone needs to become a more proficient, effective and happy reader.

A complete online course with:
  • The SuperReading Program
  • The SuperMemory Program
  • The Study Skills Set
  • Full support via Email or phone
  • Any updates or improvements

For any further information on group sessions over 10 people please contact: / Tel: 02380 240 300

Product Specs

Program Type

Sefl Learning, Coached Learning

Maximum number of people

1 to 10 people