Smart Home Working

Smart Home Working

Our support services are driven by a commitment to improving health and wellbeing of organisations and individuals working at home, which is why we’ve created these simple solutions to ensure everyone has access to the support and advice they need!

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Product Description

It’s tempting to think we can make do with improvised adaptations longer term at home or purchase inexpensive solutions from the ‘high street’ but invariably the products are not built to withstand the duration and comfort requirements of commercial office interiors. Employers also have a responsibility to source compliant computer equipment for home workers to help avoid discomfort and fatigue short term, and the potential for more serious musculoskeletal issues long term. Our products are brought to market after conducting in-depth research, undertaking extensive development and testing, and ensuring that they surpass the relevant DSE regulations.

All of our task chairs, for example, meet the most up to date dimensional, ergonomic and strength guidelines, ensuring that you and your colleagues can benefit from ergonomically refined performance and comfort, at all times and in all places. Setting up your home space correctly is essential to aid concentration, enjoyment, and if you’re to exploit the full potential of our Smart Home Working products. We’ve provided choice on the breadth and depth of package options to reflect the kind of work your colleagues do at home and to support the possible need to have some flexibility if space is at a premium. We also have a team of ergonomics specialists who can advise what’s best for you or to help advise colleagues remotely should they need a bit of extra help once they’re set up.

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