Scroll Endurance Mouse


The Scroll Endurance by JTD is perfect for anyone who experiences wrist or hand fatigue when using a regular mouse. Its vertical design reduces the torsion of the forearm and wrist caused when using most other mice. The Scroll Endurance also includes a detachable palm rest to reduce drag on the desk surface.

£24.00 Ex VAT

Product Description


  • Unique ergonomic design with removable palm rest to reduce hand and wrist pain.
  • Two thumb buttons can be used for back/forward browser navigation.
  • Driver free 3-mode DPI shift:600/1000/1600DPI adjustable.
  • High-resolution optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity for accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Scroll Wheel lifetime:200,000 circles/ Button lifetime:3 million times.

Product Specs

Weight 0.249 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 10.4 × 15 cm
Connection type



1 Year