Saturnus Mini Keyboard and Numberpad


Ergostars Saturnus Number pad and keyboard offers the flexibility of using the Keypad with a compact keyboard, on the Left-Hand Side or Right-Hand Side or with a Notebook or Laptop.

£90.90 Ex VAT

Product Description

This arrangement with the Slim, lightweight keyboard that combines ergonomics with stylish design. Unique, optimised key layout designed by an ergonomist to maximise productivity.

Scissor action keys with excellent tactile feedback. Multimedia keys including cut, paste & save, will enable the keystrokes between the Keyboard and Keypad to be shared more evenly to reduce muscular strain and improve productivity.

The unit features 2 USB Ports plus USB Connectivity and is finished in Satin Platinum with Non-slip feet.


  • Saturnus Mini Keyboard
  • Saturnus Numberpad

Product Specs

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 2 cm

1 Year

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