Omnipage Ultimate 19


Nuance Omnipage 19 Ultimate ideal for converting and archiving important documents. Capture text with your digital camera or iPhone and turn it into text on your PC. Support of many output formats: PDF, HTML, Corel etc. OmniPage captures data from PDF or paper forms and exports it as a table or database.

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Product Description

The eDiscovery Assistant for searchable PDF converts single or multiple PDFs, even of different types, into fully searchable documents. This eliminates the need to open individual PDF files or OCR processes that can unintentionally delete important information.

Cloud storage services allow documents to be stored, shared and archived quickly and easily. OmniPage Ultimate provides easy links to many cloud and online storage sites.

With digital photos, OCR accuracy has been increased by no less than 25 %. The layout conversion has also been improved. Even more output formats are now supported.

Working with OmniPage is now faster, easier and more convenient. Now all you need to convert documents and send them to any destination is the OmniPage Launchpad.

Small offices or work groups using a network scanner have an ideal and affordable solution for scanning, converting and routing small volumes of documents with OmniPage DocuDirect™. OmniPage DocuDirect can be installed on a network server and automatically send converted files to one or more destinations or to any recipient.

– Create new documents in no time thanks to outstanding word recognition
– Create fully formatted documents – the converted documents look exactly like the original.
– Convert documents quickly and easily in OmniPage Launchpad
– Automatically convert and route documents within your network directly from your MFP, all-in-one device, scanner, email program, or shared folders with OmniPage DocuDirect.

Outstanding OCR accuracy

Even more powerful OCR engines deliver stunning recognition accuracy – ideal for converting and archiving important documents

True to original layout
True-to-original conversion and easy editing of documents – including all columns, tables, numbering and graphics.

Capture documents on the go
Capture text with your digital camera or iPhone. Then convert the image file to text on your PC using Nuance’s recognition-accurate 3D correction technology.

Works with almost any scanner
If your Devicecan scan, it will also work with OmniPage. Mobile scanners, desktop scanners, all-in-one and multi function printers are more productive and accurate when using OmniPage.

Supports all common PC applications
Support of many output formats: PDF, HTML, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint (pptx), ePub and more

Convert documents from and to cloud services
You can access and convert documents directly from Windows Live SkyDrive, Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and many other services. Includes Nuance Cloud Connector, supported by Gladinet

Practical batch processing
Fully automatic scheduled batch processing of large quantities of documents from definable folders or your inbox.

Forms Processing
Convert paper forms into an electronic format for distribution and completion. OmniPage captures data from PDF or paper forms and exports it to spreadsheets or databases.

Automatically blacken and highlight
 Automatically obscure confidential content in the document or highlight important content. OmniPage identifies and handles the desired passages based on keywords.

Recognition of over 120 languages
Effortlessly convert, edit and archive documents from all over the world: OmniPage recognises languages based on the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets as well as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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