Mindview V7


MindView 7 includes the popular MS Office 2016 interface, giving users a familiar environment while working on their mind maps. With high-resolution icons, intuitive menus, and a flexible UI, MindView 7’s new interface guarantees the most intuitive mind mapping experience available.

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Product Description

New Map Design Styles

With new design styles for Map, Outline, Timeline and Gantt views, there’s no limit to your creativity. New map styles are sharp and crisp making them ideal for presenting on a projector.


New Icons & Redesigned Icons Panel

Highlight your MindView projects with a handful of new Icons, and the fully redesigned Icons Panel keeps your ideas flowing. The new Recent Icons and Document Icons features help to keep your designs consistent, improving clarity and communication

New Icons & Redesigned Icons Panel

New Images

With more than 100 high quality images added to our popular Pictures Catalogue, users can quickly create eye catching and engaging mind maps that have never looked better.

New Images

Updated Text Note Editor

MindView 7 has revamped the popular Text Note Editor. When pasting text into the Editor, a user can now clear the formatting making research and documentation faster and easier than before.

Updated Text Note Editor

Product Specs

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