MiBody Therapy Device


MiBody is one of the easy to use NuroKor range of ultrawearables and featuring KorOS2 Dualwave Technology. MiBody targets pain at its source, providing fast acting relief by penetrating deep into the joint and tissues helping to ease aching, injured and sore muscles. NuroKor Technology Intensifies Your Performance Results, speeds recovery and rehabilitation, enhances motor learning and muscle recruitment skills for specific sports.

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Product Description

If you’re experiencing any discomfort in your body due to joint pain, muscle spasms or fatigue, try these wearable pain-relieving devices. Is your neck, back or any other part of your body starting to hurt because you’re not sitting correctly or your workstation isn’t set up properly? Or do you have a sports-related injury that’s flaring up? Ergonomic chairs or sit-stand desk solutions do exist but may be a costly choice for you during the Covid 19 pandemic…. however, you can still work pain-free by using the MiBody wearable solutions. Both bring natural effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefits and target the pain at its source.

PainPod® Wearable Medical Technology is proven to relieve pain, improve performance & speed recovery. PainPod are leading the way with next generation of ultra- wearable, easy to use devices, proven not only for effective pain relief but also to promote & speed recovery and increase performance. Whether you simply want to enjoy life without constant aches and pain or you want to train and compete at your best performance and recovery levels, the same freedom is now available to you.



  • Handy ultarwearable travel partner
  • Convenient, discreet and effective
  • Keep in the car, gym bag or briefcase
  • Perfect Lite partner to full NuroKor BodySystems

Product Specs




2 Years