i-loview Full HD Magnifier


The i-loview 7 Full HD is a high definition video magnifier that has seven inch screen which can be used for both close up and distance viewing too. This tool is much more versatile than a standard magnifying glass as it allows users to magnify and zoom in on a range of documents and the Full HD level image quality ensures that the user sees a clear and crisp image which will certainly enhance their user experience, making this a great low vision aid.

£795.00 Ex VAT

Product Description

This electronic magnifier allows the user to view things in live mode unlike other video magnifiers which require users to capture an image and then change settings – it is possible to do all of this while in live mode. With a zoom level of 120x it ensures that anyone that uses this handheld portable will be able to find their optimum zoom level. The full HD image quality makes handwriting a much easier process too. Although the i-loview 7 HD can be used in live mode, it is still possible to capture and save images due to its SD card support (2GB SD card included), so images can be exported and imported to and from other devices.


  • 7″ screen
  • Magnification from 2x to 14x
  • High speed continuous auto focus from close up to infinity which is great for handwriting and viewing things in the distance enabling access to signs, timetable screens etc.
  • Full HD level image quality with adjustable screen brightness
  • Supports additional SD card which means that captured images can be saved an exported to different devices
  • Joystick panning
  • Image capture enables the user to zoom in on and scroll a captured image
  • It is possible to adjust magnification from x1 to x120
  • The large screen and Full HD image quality makes this a great tool for use when handwriting. So there is no need to use other devices.
  • Long battery life – lasts just over four hours.
  • 2GB SD card included
  • LED lights illuminate the page to provide a consistent image in all ambient light conditions
  • Enhanced colour modes; full colour, high contrast, pure black text on a white background or white text on a black background, or a choice of six other colour combinations
  • Large menu icons provide access to features and settings
  • Supplied with mains charger, leatherette case, screen cloth and wrist strap

Product Specs


2 Years