Audio AS15 Input Shoe


Different models of hearing aids need different kinds of audio shoes. Most hearing aids need to be programmed for FM+Mic in order for the FM system to work.


£16.40 Ex VAT

Product Description

The AS15 shoe for the PHONAK

  • Ambra M H2O, Bolero Q-M13
  • Cassia M H2O,  Dalia M H20
  • Naída S CRT
  • Naída Q RIC (Q90/Q70/Q50/Q30)
  • Nathos S+ micro
  • Nios S H2O
  • Sky Q-M13
  • Sky Q RIC & Solana M H20.

Suitable for both ear level receivers (MLxi, Roger X, etc) and general direct input use.

This is a new improved design from 2015. The improved version was initially identified by an ‘A’ inside the shoe however shoes are no longer being marked with an ‘A’ – all shoes with a manufacturing date of March 2015 or later are the new design. The manufacturing date is shown on the packaging.

Product Specs

Dimensions 0.5 × 2.5 cm

2 Years