NMH Rates

In accordance with DSA-QAG requirements, we publish our Non-Medical Help (NMH) Service prices; please see below the NMH Services & Rates that we supply:

Period covered – 01/10/2019 through to 31/12/2019

The table below shows NMH rates. the greyed out cells indicate that the NMH provider does not offer these services.

Note: NMH Support Rates shown per hour in the table below.

Standard Rate (in-person) Distance Learning only (in-person, in-home) Remote delivery (e.g. Facetime/Skype or similar) only
Band 1 Support Assistants Net VAT Total Net VAT Total Net VAT Total
Practical Support assistant
Library Support assistant
Workshop / Laboratory Assistant
Sighted Guide
Proof Reader / Text Checker
Band 2 Enhanced Support Assistants
Study Assistant
Examination Support Worker
Note Taker
Band 3 Specialist Enabling Support
Communication Support Worker
Lip Speaker
Specialist Note taker (Deaf/Hard of Hearing students) including Electronic Note Taker and Speech to Text Reporter
Specialist Note taker (VI students) including Braille
Specialist Transcription Service
Mobility Trainer
Band 4 Specialist Access and Learning Facilitators
Specialist Mentor – Mental Health
Specialist Mentor – AS
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – SPLD
Specialist 1:1 Study Skills Support – AS
BSL Interpreter – includes for the deaf or Deaf-blind people
Assistive Technology Trainer £44.50 £8.90 £53.40 £44.50 £8.90 £53.40 £40.00 £8.00 £48.00
Specialist Support Professional for Deaf Students
Specialist Support Professional for students with Vision Impairment
Specialist Support Professional for students with Multi-sensory Impairment (MSI)