The Phonak Roger Pen

Hi I’m Michael, from Microlink’s Research and Development team and I’m also profoundly deaf.   Over the last six months I have been using the Phonak Roger Pen to help me hear people during meetings (I combine lip reading with what I hear through my hearing aids to help me understand people).

The Roger Pen transmits speech clearly to the “MyLink” receiver and is easy to use after initial set up.

The microphone setting in the pen is fully automatic and has 3 different settings:

  • Conference mode for meetings that improve speech clarity by 50% over background noise.
  • Interview mode that allows it to zoom in on an individual voice (cutting out most of the background noise).
  • The third mode is as a lanyard allowing you to wear it around your neck and pick up speech/sound in front of you.

The Roger Pen has no need for a Bass or Treble control as this is done automatically to ensure the clarity of speech. It even works well with landline telephones and has a Bluetooth support system that can be used to support mobile calls.

The Roger Pen is definitely a great tool for the deaf or partially deaf in the working world or even if you just feel like going out for a coffee in a noisy café.

Roger Pen Buttons