PA standard PlayStation 4 controllereter Byrne has cerebral palsy and whilst he was initially delighted to open up his new PlayStation 4 but due to his condition, had some major issues with it’s controller. Because he keeps touching the touchpad it keeps pausing or interrupting his game. This part of the controller takes up a considerable amount of space as shown to the right. The touchpad is the center rectangle.

Peter contacted PlayStation’s support with his issue and was contacted by Alex Nawabi, who was interested in working to fix this issue for him. He also said he had ordered some custom parts but couldn’t promise anything, later saying he was unsuccessful but would send him a goodie bag for the inconvenience.

To his surprise, Peter later received his package, but with a modified controller that would work well for him, along with a letter that read:

My apologies for the white lie I told but I felt this surprise was too good to ruin. I was able to come up with a solution for your gaming/controller problem. Inside is a controller I’ve specially modified just for you. I’ve disabled the touchpad and rerouted the touchpad’s button to the back of the controller. You’ll notice it on the back, right hand side. It took 3 controllers to build, 10+ hours of labor and reworking the concept to bring it to life, and a few moments of frustration but I did it.”

Alex later wrote in the letter:

The email you sent definitely struck a chord within…. It killed me to hear how something you used to enjoy thoroughly was being ruined because of our new controller design. Although I can’t help everyone who has this problem, at least I could help you. I wish I had more to give you.”

Peter shared his story in a Facebook post as well.

The back of the modified controller