New Assistive shaving innovation


Gillette has been designing razors since 1900–but they’re all designed for you to shave yourself.

There’s another group of people who want to be shaved and rely on other people to do it for them: the elderly and people with disabilities. For caretakers, shaving someone else is a nerve-wracking process that requires navigating a lot of awkward angles with the constant fear of accidentally cutting them.

To understand why it was so hard to shave someone else, Hodgson started by shaving a colleague in the office. Once he tried it, Hodgson realized just how difficult it was to do: unlike when you shave yourself, it’s hard to tell if you’re applying enough pressure to effectively cut the hairs while not inadvertently cutting the skin. And if shaving those tricky spots is onerous when you’re doing it yourself, it’s even worse when you’re doing it for someone else. Read more here