Microlink have won the Customer Experience Recognition Award (CERA) 2015 in the Accessibility category for introducing MiCase, our workplace adjustments system.

“We’re proud to give the 2015 CERA for accessibility to Microlink PC for their Microlink workplace adjustment system…

They streamlined the approval process. They centralized funding and created a single well publicized, and that’s important, well publicized point of entry. The outcomes are quite remarkable. A decrease in assessment and service costs. A decrease in adjustments after the first contact, as well as decrease of nearly 40%, and nearly £1.2 million in productivity gains from this project alone. Our winner, again, and thank you so much, Microlink PC.”

Our partner company, Boundless AT were there to pick up the award on our behalf:

Dr. Nasser Siabi asked me to be here today to thank the organizers and judges for giving Microlink this fantastic award. For the past 25 years Microlink has been helping people with disabilities to succeed in education and employment in the UK and all over Europe. An often underserved and overlooked population who through access technology and services are able to realize their full potential, more often than not ahead of their peers.

And what perfect timing this award is to mention the partnership between Microlink PC (UK) and its US partner Boundless Assistive Technology. Through their MiCase service offering, which provides a holistic and streamlined approach to workplace accommodations, multi-national companies in North America and EMEA will be able to attract, retain, and manage talent whilst increasing people’s wellbeing, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce.

To Microlink PC, it’s employees, and Dr. Siabi – job well done! On behalf of Microlink PC and its employees, thank you again for this fantastic award.