Microlink to attend 2016 Christmas Lecture, sponsored by the Faculty of Medicine’s Postdoctoral Association.


Date – 12 December 2016

Start time – 2.30pm

Venue – Lecture Theatre 2, Level B, South Academic block, Southampton General Hospital

Registration – to assist with catering please register via PDA Christmas Lecture 2016


Guest Speaker – Dr Tim Adlam, Head of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath.  Engineer, designer, researcher and father of a disabled child.


Title – “Useful, Usable, Beautiful and Accessible? Designing technology for a better life”


Biography: Dr Tim Adlam is an engineer, designer, researcher and father of a disabled child, who is working in technology for people with disabilities. He is Head of Mechanical Engineering at the charity Designability where he has been working to understand and solve problems for over 20 years. His work has ranged from bicycles for children with restricted growth, through smart house systems for people with dementia, to dynamic seating for children with dystonia. After working initially in bridge girder manufacturing, Tim joined Designability in 1996 and made a substantial contribution to Designability’s pioneering work on technology for people with dementia. He completed his PhD in dynamic seating in 2012 and is now leading a research programme in technology to support the participation of children with complex disabilities. Tim has learned that to solve the right problem, we must first understand the person.