Team members from Microlink participated in the London2Brighton charity bike ride challenge.
So far we have raised £1600 for the British Heart Foundation and you can still donate here:

You can also find all the photos on the donation page and our Facebook.

Microlink team

Here are some words below from how the Microlink cyclists felt on the London2Brighton bike ride!

“Ditchling Beacon, the steepest hill in the ride, felt like it took forever, so many walking and thought I saw top of hill but it wasn’t to be and I was, in my mind, no keep going, don’t give up while there was pain in the lower back muscles and my legs were burning, sweating and then. I finally saw the red canopy.  Hooray!  I found enough adrenalin to cycle to the top.  At the end it was brilliant.  I was proud of myself and team.  It was an amazing experience.”

Michael Buckfield – AT Consultant, R&D

“What an exhilarating day; what a great atmosphere!  I met new people along the way.  The locals where amazing and the ride was just fantastic.  The scenery awesome and the best bit of all was that it was all for charity.   Congratulations to all who completed the ride and a massive high five to my fellow Microlinkians. Well done everyone.”

Steven Foster – Administrator Facilities

“What a day, what a fantastic cause.

This 54 mile epic bike ride was truly memorable for me, seeing all 17 riders taking part and finishing was awe inspiring and with the great back team of Clive and John doing all the loading and driving it brought home to me what Team Microlink is.”

Andy George – Logistics Manager

“From Clapham Common to Brighton Pier….wow!!   A personal Journey that was so tough and at times unbearable but one I will never forget.  At 35 miles being told not to carry on due to the pain I was feeling, could not compare to the pain I would feel if I did not complete it and cross that finish line.  I am Team Microlink and I would not have completed this journey without the full support from my fellow team members. The tears at the end said it all.  Tears of joy for being part of such a wonderful group of people and such a massive achievement.  I’m proud to be part of such an amazing bunch.   Long may this journey continue for us all. Go Team Microlink.”

Alex Pacey – Aftersales Customer Service Manager

“The build up to the event was one of trepidation but also excitement to see for myself if I could complete the ride again after 12 long years. The atmosphere when we all arrived at the starting gate was exhilarating, people smiling and joking, and raring to GO!

The support from the team at the BHF and everyone else, adults, children and dogs alike, was absolutely amazing even when during some of the more challenging parts of the route and your spirit was a little low, there was someone there to give you a smile and a cheer of encouragement to keep you going. Watching people ride with their heartfelt thoughts of special people who they had lost because of a heart condition was both an emotional but also inspiring thing to see as it re-confirmed the reason why all of us were doing this

I am proud to be part of a team who gave their absolute all; not only to complete a personal challenge but also to raise funds for such a worthwhile and wonderful charity. We all do have a heart!”

Beverley George – Corporate Key Relationship Manager

“I met some great people on the way to Brighton and I specifically remember a monkey riding a shopper bike with a basket of bananas on the back!   A fantastic day for a great cause and thoroughly enjoyed the ride, will definitely do it again. Thank you everyone for your support and generous donations.”

James Atcherley – Product Category Manager

“In the months leading up to the L2B ride I think I was in denial, then the last few weeks panic set in! Can my body cope with 54 miles? Can my bike cope with 54 miles? And most of all how will my derrière feel afterwards? ….. Will I ever be able to sit down again!!!

The day arrived with a nice 3:30 am mini bus drive to London. I travelled with a great team; all supporting each other and despite the nerves, everyone was in good spirits.

As soon as the ride started I loved every minute (apart from the 30 minutes it took to struggle up Ditchling Beacon).

A hard, yet fantastically rewarding day finished with a few beers with friends in the hotel.  Can’t wait till next year!”

Mark Keay – Technical Services Team Leader