Department for Work and Pensions

Microlink is proud to be part of the developed joint effort with DWP, Clearkit and a growing number of prestigious companies, institutions and other employers who are endorsing, encouraging and enacting the employment of people with disabilities. This is an investment in the over 10 million people in the UK who are affected by existing or newly developed disabilities. Around 2% of the UK workforce develops a disability every year.

This joint effort is to highight the fact that there is a huge pool of potential of existing employee’s who are as talented as any other applicant and with positive support of information tools such as Clearkit, the process of hiring and retaining employees is a much clearer and effective process.

These information tools give businesses the opportunity to take a more inclusive, best practice employer-centric approach to the recruitment and employee retention process.

Microlink has taken this initiative and developed a service that can deliver this to your business. If you are interested in becoming part of the growing numbers of employers who are joining this initiative or you have any questions, call Microlink on 02380 240 300.