The legacy and awareness of the Assistive Technology industry has ignited a lasting impression following the huge success of the Paralympics 2012, in challenging the stigmas sometimes associated with those who study and work with disabilities. It highlighted that people studying, working and competing with disabilities are as capable of success and achievements, with the correct Assistive Technology and support that is available to everyone. People are more aware of the issues individuals with disabilties face on a day to day basis, and businesses are also investing in workplace disability management.

We were delighted to welcome our local MP Steve Brine to our offices last Friday, where we showcased some of the leading Assistive Technologies available to empower people studying and working with disabilities.

The day started with Mr Brine meeting with our board of Directors, who introduced him to the Assistive Technology solutions that we provide for the education and business sectors. From there, we demonstrated a selection of leading products aimed at individuals with a spectrum of disabilities. This included speech to text software, text to speech software, literacy software, eye tracking products and products for the hearing impaired.

Mr Brine who is one of the vice-chairs of the All Party Autism Group in Parliament, showed a great level of active interest in the work that we are doing, and the extensive variety of Assistive Technology solutions that are available for individuals who are studying and working with disabilities.

We were delighted to welcome Steve Brine MP to our offices for a fantastic visit, and we look forward to raising the awareness of Assistive Technologies further within our local community.