Last weekend was the first official launch of our Inclusivity showroom! It is a mobile showroom and profiler which allows the general public to engage with Assistive Technology, providing a greater understanding of how it benefits individuals in education, work and at home.

Our aim is not only an awareness campaign but also to connect with Assessors, allowing us to showcase the latest products that have come to market, and also offer training where requested.

The Inclusivity showroom will be touring the UK throughout the year, visiting schools, universities, businesses and Assessment centres. Assessors are welcome to book an appointment with the Inclusivity showroom to visit them.

The showroom will also be touring with our Race4Inclusivty campaign, visiting various destinations along the way and finally parking for the weekend at the race location.

You can find our upcoming race destinations on our website events calendar.

You can also follow us and keep up to date with all our exciting news and events through our Microlink and Race4Inclusivity twitter feeds.